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Asset Management

Our asset Management department team consists only of members who have at least 3 years of experience.

Risk Managment

Our risk management department works 24 hours a day to assure the security of your investment.


Our support works from 9:00 am UTC until 8:00 pm UTC. You can also contact us via e-mail: support@zozocoins.com

Zozo Coin Offline Codes

Zozo Coin Offline Codes promote a business model where users can purchase virtual goods online. It also stimulates good behavior and more productive discussions in online forums and social networks. The possibilities that Zozo Coin Offline Codes open are even more prominent in the case of non-profit organizations. The fees are small and transactions are private and fully transparent.

Zozo Coin Segregated Witness

Zozo Coin Lightning Network is a new protocol that optimizes the block-network. The speed of transactions is dramatically increased and the size of commissions is minimized. Another amazing and very useful feature of Zozo Coin Lightning Network is the multi-signature operation mode. The Zozo Coin Lightning Network generates two private keys in the “2 out of 2” cryptography scheme. In order to use coins stored at such an address two signatures are required. This feature is essential for many businesses and we are sure our community will love it.

Zozo Coin Lightning Network

Zozo Coin Cloud Mining is a smart and easy way to invest your money. This is a group-based cryptocurrency clearing, which frees you from the costs of electricity, round-the-clock control, software and other costs associated with classic mining. Zozo Coin Cloud Mining is currently leading in terms of speed / productivity ratio and is an improved type of team mining, giving the user the opportunity to earn money on cryptocurrency and to extract coins without staying at the computer 24 hours a day. Such a mining system is suitable equally for cryptocurrencies newcomers and for experts or large investors.

Zozo Coin Cloud Mining

The goal of Zozo Coin Segregated Witness or Zozo Coin SegWit is to optimize the size of transactions allowing to combine multiple transactions into one block. Traditional bottlenecks like network scalability, block overflow, transaction speed and commission reduction are now revolutionized with SegWit. Zozo Coin Coin increases the efficiency of the block itself without increasing the block size.

Zozo Coin Smart Contracts

Zozo Coin Smart Contracts is an electronic algorithm that describes a set of conditions, the implementation of which entails real life events known to everyone. Where there used to be accountants and lawyers today there is a huge amount of opportunities to use a Blockchain-based mechanism. This is a very powerful feature indeed capable to evolve many traditional contracts into a cryptographic solution providing users with protection and reliability.

A Unique Investment Service, Powered by Data.

Giving you a precise understanding of portfolio risk.

Keeping your risk stable, in all market conditions.

Limiting your exposure to high-risk periods that deliver poor returns.

  • Invest with the confidence of knowing your actual downside exposure.
  • Stop guessing what “moderate risk” might mean.
  • Enjoy a smoother investment experience with fewer bumps in the road.
  • Achieve better returns for every unit of risk you’re taking.
  • Steer clear of markets that don’t deliver the returns you deserve.
  • Up to 5% return daily
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